Diane Eskey
Name Diane Eskey
Marital Status Married to Bert Eskey
Actor Ashley Jones
First Appearance Recession Proof
Diane Eskey was the wife of Bert Eskey, the patient in the Season 7 episode Recession Proof.  She was portrayed by actress Ashley Jones.

Diane was at dinner with Bert when he started choking and was rushed to the hospital.

Martha M. Masters soon realized that Bert was doing manual labor due to the number of small lacerations on his hands. She also realized Diane didn't know.  She implored Bert to tell her.

However, when Bert broke the news, Diane stormed out.

Later, Diane had a change of heart and returned. By that time, Bert was in a coma and had lost his hearing. Masters like to Diane and told her that talking to Bert might help, even though she knew he was unlikely to recover. Diane told Bert that she was about to tell him she was pregnant just before he got sick.