Derek Retzinger
Name Derek Retzinger
Marital Status Married to Michelle Berkley
Occupation Architect
Actor Eric Lutes
First Appearance Known Unknowns
Derek Retzinger is the father of Jordan. He is married to Michelle Berkley. He is portrayed by actor Eric Lutes.

Derek is a very successful architect and he and his wife regularly travel to oversee projects. As a result, he and Michelle are rarely home and they leave their daughter to take care of herself. She is given a credit card to make purchases at her discretion and he rarely challenges her spending habits or puts limits on her after school activities.

He and Michelle fly back to Princeton when they hear Jordan is sick. When Jordan says while under the influence of amobarbital that she was sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Keener, he wants to find him and kill him, but Foreman tells him that Jordan's other physical signs show she is still lying.

After Jordan recovers Derek promisses to spend some time with Jordan, but he soon gets a call that one of his projects is in trouble so he tells Jordan that they will have to leave her alone again. 

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