Name Deedee
Occupation Prostitute/Actress
Actor Becky Baeling
First Appearance Let Them Eat Cake
Deedee was the "actress" House hired to pull a prank on Kutner and Taub in the Season 5 episode Let Them Eat Cake. She was portrayed by actress Becky Baeling

Kutner was running a "second opinion" clinic on the internet under House's name.  However, he ran into problems when one of the patients he was dealing with became angry that she wasn't getting any better.

Kutner shared his trouble with Taub, who demanded a cut of the proceeds. While working on their regular case, they ran into Deedee in the elevator who told them she was looking for House. Realizing that they couldn't let her meet House, they diverted her to the emergency room

Once there, her symptoms started getting worse, with signs of hair loss and psychosis.  Kutner thought she was faking, but Allison Cameron pointed out symptoms she couldn't fake and Robert Chase helped by running tests.

However, the next time they came back to the ER, they were told Deedee had died and been taken to the morgue.

Kutner and Taub found the body and a very angry House in the morgue.  House told them that Deedee's illness was easily treatable and then, seemingly in an irrational manner, he started to try to revive her.  Kutner told him not to bother, but suddenly, Deedee shot up on the table and gasped.  Kutner and Taub were shocked, but Deedee and House started laughing;  House had found out about Kutner's internet site and decided to teach them a lesson.  He allowed Kutner to keep running it as long as he was cut in on the profits.

As House had a few hours left "on the clock" with Deedee, he brought her back to his office for a drink.  Unfortunately, Lisa Cuddy saw them and thought House had been joking about wanting a relationship.  She walked away without talking to him.

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