Dave Dryden
Name Dave Dryden
Occupation Advertising executive
Actor Jarret Wright
First Appearance Two Stories

Dave Dryden is the advertising executive who was at career day in the Season 7 episode Two Stories.  He was portrayed by actor Jarret Wright.

Dryden was driving to the school when he was rear ended by a distracted Gregory House.  House claimed to have lost his ID and claimed to be Dr. Hourani in order to avoid the hassle with insurance.

However, when House arrived at career day, he found Dryden was there as well.  House had to keep up the illusion and went by the name "Dr. Hourani" during his lengthy presentation.  However, he then claimed to have been in Hourani's office.  He fumbled and said that there was more than one Hourani at the hospital, but Dryden then demanded to see his identification.  They got into a scuffle that was then broken up by Ms. Washburn.

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