Name Daria
Occupation Cashier
Actor Dava Krause
First Appearance Ignorance is Bliss
Last Appearance Parents

Daria is the cashier at the hospital's cafeteria. She is portrayed by actress and comedienne Dava Krause. She appears in several episodes, most notably Lockdown where, on a dare, James Wilson attempts to steal a dollar out of her till by distracting her with a request to get a sandwich for Thirteen.

She also appears in the second episode of the Nurse Jeffrey appisodes, arguing with Jeffrey and fellow cafeteria worker Vincent. Jeffrey is trying to get Vincent to say "House stole" and "House appropriated hospital property" on camera, but Daria butts in and reminds them both that human resources already knows that House is always trying to scam food from the cafeteria. The incident they were discussing was when House refused to pay for one of his Reuben sandwiches.


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