Name Connie
Actor Caroline Lagerfelt
First Appearance Guardian Angels
Connie was the hallucinatory manifestation of Irene's mother. She appears as a women in her late fifties or early sixties, slim with grey hair worn up.

Connie first appears sitting next to Irene's bedside trying to comfort her as Irene complains about how incompetent the doctors are. The audience sees Irene's hallucination and believes that Irene is having a conversation with her. However, when the doctors ask who she's talking to, they soon realize she's hallucinating.

As it turns out Connie is really dead, Henry Dobson realizes that not only is Irene hallucinating, she's suffering from delusions as well.

House starts to believe that Irene might have a genetic illness as her mother died very young. He starts asking Irene about her mother's health and learns that she lost her co-ordination before she had to go to the hospital.

However, it turns out Irene has ergot poisoning. Once she is treated, she still has hallucinations, but realizes that they are hallucinations.

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