Due to the size of this article, we will be breaking it up into smaller articles with links in the header sections to make it more manageable to edit. Please bear with us during the transition. Many of the actors who have appeared on House, M.D. have appeared together in other movies and television shows. Most of the actor articles have a list of connections to other actors who they have appeared with outside of the series. This page covers trends and particularly good (or bad) connections.

Main CastEdit

See main article Main Cast Connections - Reunions

Well connectedEdit

Some of the best connected actors are:

  • Robin Tunney (many guest stars on House have also guest starred on The Mentalist)

John Prosky has appeared on all three series.

Old buddiesEdit

See main article Connections - Old Buddies

Personal connectionsEdit

The TwinsEdit


See main article Reunions

Old connectionsEdit

The oldest known connection is between Peter Graves and Diane Baker who both appeared in a three-part Mission: Impossible.episode "The Falcon" in 1970.  Graves also holds the next two oldest connections - Joe Morton (1970) and Geoffrey Lewis (twice in 1972).

The earliest known example where multiple future House guest stars all appeared in the same production is a 1984 episode of St. Elsewhere "Drama Center" where regular cast members David Morse and Kavi Raz are joined by guest star Jenny O'Hara.

The earliest movie featuring multiple House cast members is 1994's Camp Nowhere. Andrew Keegan, Marnette Patterson, Hillary Tuck, Thomas F. Wilson and Wendy Makkena all have roles in the film 20 years before House went on the air.

Allan Rich and Barry Pearl both appeared in an episode of Barney Miller in 1979. That same year, he also appeared in the movie Voices with Amy Irving.

Michael O'Keefe and Hamilton Mitchell were both in the classic 1980 comedy Caddyshack

Poorly connectedEdit

See main article - Poorly connected actors

Crowded productionsEdit

See main article Connections - Crowded Productions

Alternative UniversesEdit

Star Trek Edit

See main article Star Trek connections .


Charmed - Several of the actors on House, M.D. have appeared on Charmed, but they rarely appear together. Anne DudekDavid Anders and Charles Robinson are some of the actors who have been in both series. Lori Rom appeared as Phoebe in the pilot episode, but dropped out thereafter and was replaced by Alyssa Milano.


See main article 24 connections

Many of the actors are alumni of the series, most notably Leslie HopeSarah Clarke, Jude Ciccolella and Zeljko Ivanek

Strange connectionsEdit

See main article Strange connections

Missed connectionsEdit

See main article Missed connections

Famous familyEdit

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