Colonel Joseph Ntila
Name Colonel Joseph Ntila
Occupation Political and military aide
Actor Roger Aaron Brown
First Appearance The Tyrant

Colonel Joseph Ntila is the aide to President Dibala in the Season 6 episode The Tyrant. He was portrayed by actor Roger Aaron Brown.

Ntila was in a car riding with Dibala on their way to Princeton University to try to visit Dibala's Son. However, on the way, they were cut off by two cars. Luckily, it was just a process server. Ntila reviewed the documents and told Dibala it was a civil suit they could easily ignore. However, he soon realized Dibala was unwell and he had him rushed to the hospital.

Ntila was constantly at Dibala's side, and grew frustrated with the lack of progress, even though Dibala himself was far more gracious.

However, after Dibala started having problems concentrating, Ntila asked Cameron what Dibala's mental state was. Cameron told Ntila that nothing Dibala said could be trusted.

When Dibala found out about this, he grew enraged at Cameron and dared her to kill him rather than try to get Ntila to do it for her.

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