Name Colleen
Age About 12
Marital Status Considering a relationship with Zachary Taylor
Occupation Student
Actor Haley Pullos
First Appearance Two Stories
Colleen is the female student that Gregory House talks to outside the principal's office in the Season 7 episode Two Stories.  She was portrayed by actress Haley Pullos.

Colleen is fond of one of her classmates, Zachary Taylor.  However, given the social dynamics of their school, they have to be careful about how they treat each other in public.  

Their relationship gets off to a bad start when Zachary accidentally hits Colleen with a puck in a game of floor hockey, giving her a black eye.  It gets worse when Zachary starts talking about kissing Colleen.  She responds badly:

"I wouldn't kiss you if I had cancer and your lips were the cure!"
―Colleen to Zachary Taylor in Two Stories

However, Zachary bets her a kiss that he's better jumping rope than Colleen and bets her a kiss against a larger wager that he can jump rope longer.  Colleen, confident in her abilities, accepts the bet.  However, to her great surprise, she loses.  Zachary gloats and tells her to meet him.  However, unknown to Colleen, Zachary fixed the contest by bribing the person with the rope.  

When Colleen shows up to pay off, to her surprise, Zachary says he doesn't want her to kiss him if she feels forced to do it. Colleen leaves confused.

The next day, Collen sends a note to Zachary asking to meet him again. He asks her if she would like to do it because he likes her and thinks she likes him too. He admits to his deception with the jump rope and Colleen is glad she didn't actually lose.  However, as they go to kiss, they are caught by Ms. Washburn and are taken to the principal's office.

There, they see House sitting on the bench as well.  They get to talking and Colleen becomes intrigued by the problems House has in his relationship with Cuddy.  She advises him that he has to really listen to her and make it clear he's listening to her.  House asks Zachary if she's always bitchy, and Zachary assures House that he's got her all wrong.

It is not shown afterwards what happens to Colleen and Zachary after House is called into the principal's office, but it is obvious that they will both continue their relationship in the future.

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