Clancy 1
Name Clancy
Occupation Student
Actor Niko Baur
First Appearance Charity Case

Clancy (surname unknown) was a clinic patient in the Season 8 episode Charity Case. He was portrayed by actor Niko Baur.

Clancy was brought to the clinic by his mother Carol. Clancy had developed a severe rash on his hands. They were seen by Gregory House. Dr. House thought the rash was an allergy and asked if there had been any changes to his environment. Carol noted that the neighbors had a new pool and Clancy was using it. She wondered if the water could have caused the rash. However, Dr. House had noted that both Clancy and Carol had a slight scent of summer lilac hand creme. He figured out that Clancy had been masturbating to either the neighbor's daughter or "hot wife" and had been using his mother's hand creme as lubricant. He handed a tube of lubricant to Clancy for future use.

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