Claire (Rose)
Name Claire
Actor Leigh Allyn Baker
First Appearance Euphoria (Part 2)
Claire was the mother of Rose, a young clinic patient in Euphoria (Part 2).  She was portrayed by actress Leigh Allyn Baker.

Claire brought Rose to the clinic after she thought Rose had suffered a series of seizures.  After doing research on the internet, she was sure Rose had epilepsy.  As House examined Rose, Claire kept talking about how she could give Rose a normal life even despite her condition.  However, House took a full medical history by asking about the seizures and unsuccessfully tried to induce one.  He realized Rose didn't have epilepsy and tried to discreetly tell Claire what was wrong.  However, Rose caught on first and started giggling.  Claire realized that House was trying to tell her that Rose had been masturbating.  She was shocked and mortified, but House told her that epilepsy was the mortifying diagnosis and that Rose merely had the badly named gratification disorder and would be fine once the concept of privacy was explained to her.  

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