Name Christina
Occupation Housekeeper
Actor Seidy Lopez
First Appearance Unwritten
Christina was Alice Tanner's housekeeper in the Season 7 episode Unwritten.  She was portrayed by actress Seidy Lopez.  

Christina hears a gunshot and rushes to Alice's study to find her with a gun, but on the floor suffering from a seizure.  Christina calls 911, but when Alice regains consciousness she tells Christina to tell the paramedics she overreacted and that Alice had just fainted.

However, House figures out on his own that Alice tried to kill herself and takes her on as a case.  He goes to Alice's house to do an environmental scan, bringing along an unwitting Cuddy.  However, Christina catches them and threatens to call the police.  However, House figures out she's undocumented and when she calms down, he asks her about Alice's health.  Christina tells them she thinks Alice is depressed, but when she says that Alice eats nothing but tuna for lunch, he guesses that Alice has mercury poisoning.

However, Alice figures out that Christina has been talking to the doctors.  Despite Christina's pleas, Alice fires her.

When Alice recovvers, she decides to hire Christina back.

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