Chou-Young Ling
Name Chou-Young Ling
Marital Status Married to Jen Ling
Actor Jim Lau
First Appearance Poison

Chou-Young Ling is the father of Chi Ling, the second patient in the Season 1 episode Poison. He is married to Jen Ling. He was portrayed by actor Jim Lau.

Chou-Young is seen when he is being interviewed by the doctors, who are trying to find out what pesticides he may have been exposed to. However, he explains that they keep no plants except a bamboo tree and have no pesticides in their home.

Later, Gregory House is trying to confirm that both patients were poisoned by tainted laundry detergent. Chou-Young tells House that his son doesn't even know how to use the washer. However, when House realizes the clothes were unwashed, he realizes that both patients were wearing new clothes.

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