Childhood disintegrative disorder





Difficulty communicating, difficulty with social skills and self-care skills, lack of control over bowels and bladder, poor play skills, poor motor skills

Mortality Rate



Behavior therapy, environmental therapy, anti-psychotics

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Childhood disintegrative disorder is a disease in the autism spectrum of conditions. It is characterized by either late delays in social and intellectual development, or a sudden and marked reversal of development. The onset is somewhat later than most forms of autism, coming at about the age of three. In many cases, the child is self aware of their decline and often questions his or her parents about the reversal.

The cause and underlying etiology of the condition are still unknown, but it is often associated with fat storage diseases, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, tuberous sclerosis and leukodystropy.

In addition, there is disagreement about its treatment. Although therapy can be helpful, pharmaceuticals only treat the symptoms of the condition.

Childhood disintegrative disorder at Wikipedia

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