Cecilia Carter
Name Cecilia Carter
Actor Andrea Bendewald
First Appearance TB or Not TB

Cecilia Carter was a clinic patient in the Season 2 episode TB or Not TB. She was portrayed by actress Andrea Bendewald.

Cecilia came to the clinic because she had found a lump in her right breast. She had been waiting for two hours when Eric Foreman, wearing Gregory House's name badge (because House was avoiding clinic and got Foreman to cover for him) burst into her exam room looking for another patient. He apologized and told her he had to straighten out the misassignment of patients, but she said she had breast cancer and demanded that Dr. Foreman not try to avoid her. Dr. Foreman relented despite the obvious administrative difficulties and performed a physical examination. Luckily, the lump was round and motile, meaning it was probably just a benign cyst. He told Cecilia to monitor it and come back if anything changed. However, she told him that's exactly what a friend who had died of the disease had been told. She demanded a biopsy. Dr. Foreman told her it was unnecessary and that she would complain to his boss if he didn't do it. Avoiding problems for both himself and Dr. House, he agreed to arrange the biopsy.

However, Cecilia went to Lisa Cuddy and complained about "Dr. House's" conduct. Cuddy came back to see House and asked him how rudely he had treated Cecilia. Dr. House didn't know who the patient was, but realized she was probably someone Foreman had seen during clinic duty. He pointed out that if someone had complained about Foreman, Cuddy would have just dismissed the complaint as a rant by a difficult patient. Cuddy insisted House apologize.

Later, House talked to Foreman who complained that he did an unnecessary biopsy on a difficult patient, and the biopsy was negative just as he suspected. Realizing that Foreman couldn't apologize without letting Cuddy know he was covering for House, and that Foreman probably wouldn't apologize anyway, he started avoiding Cuddy and Cecilia.

However, House came up with an idea. Seeing Cecilia waiting near the clinic, he deliberately put his cane on her foot. She jumped in pain, and Dr. House started to apologize profusely, making sure Cuddy could see it. When Cecilia decided to leave because her "Dr. House" hadn't shown up, and it was clear that she was not complaining about her injury, Dr. Cuddy dropped the matter.

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