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Calvin Ayres
Personal Information

Immigration lawyer

Acting Information

John Gloria

First Appearance

Man of the House


Calvin Ayres was the immigration lawyer House hired when the immigration investigator found out he and Dominka had been lying about living together in the Season 8 episode Man of the House. He was portrayed by actor John Gloria.

Ayres met House and Dominika at the immigration office just before their meeting with the immigration investigator. He became upset when House started taking calls from his team and Wilson just before the meeting and had to track down House in the washroom to drag him to the meeting.

Ayres made some good arguments but the immigration investigator was unimpressed and threatened to report House to his parole officer and deport Dominika. At that point, Dominika confessed her deception. Ayres told House not to say anything, but House was "way ahead of you" and had already clammed up.

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