CIA Agent Smith
Name CIA Agent Smith
Occupation CIA Agent
Actor Chad Willett
First Appearance Whatever It Takes
CIA Agent Smith was the agent who collected Gregory House from the hospital to take him to the CIA headquarters to treat John.  He was portrayed by actor Chad Willett.

Agent Smith interrupted the differential of Casey Alfonso asking which one was House.  House tried to lie but Smith already had his photograph.  He told House that he was needed in Langley and asked him to follow him.  House figured it was one of Wilson's pranks and told Foreman he was in charge.

House followed Smith to the roof, still figuring he was a stripper.  However, when they got there, House found a helicopter waiting for them.  Smith remarked that pretending to be a CIA Agent was easier when you had props.

House further antagonized Smith by telling him he didn't have a cell phone, then answering it when the team called him for advice.  He told Smith he wanted to find out if Smith could see he was lying.  

House was struggling on the case when he finally realized John had been in Brazil, not Bolivia.  Smith said there was no difference because they were in the same region.  However, House was furious - he had a translation where the translator had mistaken a Portuguese word meaning "Brazil Nuts" for a Spanish word meaning "Chestnuts".  It meant John had selenium poisoning from the Brazil Nuts, which are rich in selenium.  Luckily, they thought he had radiation sickness and the treatment for both conditions was the same.  Smith wondered what the big deal was, but even Dr. Terzi called him an idiot.

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