The web site Buddy TV picked it's 20 favourite House, M.D. patients in May, 2012, just after the end of the series.

  1. Cannibal Danny Jennings from Fall From Grace, portrayed by Chris Marquette
  2. Amber Volakis from Wilson's Heart, played by Anne Dudek
  3. Drug seeker Mid 30s man, standing in for Gregory House, played by Carmen Electra, James Saxenmeyer and Hugh Laurie
  4. Teenage jerk Nate from The Jerk, portrayed by Nick Lane
  5. Savant Patrick Obyedkov from Half-Wit, portrayed by Dave Matthews
  6. Nun Sister Mary Augustine from Damned If You Do, played by Elizabeth Mitchell
  7. Fun seeking Fran from Airborne, played by Jenny O'Hara
  8. Faith healer Boyd from House vs. God, played by Thomas Dekker
  9. Hostage taker Jason from Last Resort, played by Zeljko Ivanek
  10. Performance artist Afsoun Hamidi from Moving On, played by Shohreh Aghdashloo
  11. Philanthropist Benjamin Byrd from Charity Case, played by Wentworth Miller
  12. Uptight Dr. Peter Treiber from Post Mortem, played by Jamie Elman
  13. Locked-in Lee from Locked In, played by Mos Def
  14. One-night-stand Spencer from Lucky Thirteen, played by Angela Gots
  15. Dictator President Dibala from The Tyrant, played by James Earl Jones
  16. Soap star Evan Greer from Living the Dream, played by Jason Lewis
  17. Author Alice Tanner from Unwritten, played by Amy Irving
  18. Death row inmate Clarence from Acceptance, played by LL Cool J
  19. Morbidly obese George from Que Será Será, played by Pruitt Taylor Vince
  20. Drug seeker Oliver from Everybody Dies, played by James LeGros

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