Name Bree
Marital Status Single
Actor Maite Schwartz
First Appearance Carrot or Stick

Bree was the woman who waged a prank war against Robert Chase in the Season 7 episode Carrot or Stick. She is the sister of Nika. She was portrayed by actress Maite Schwartz.

Chase met Bree at Sanford Wells' wedding. However, when he learned that Bree didn't sleep with men on the first date, he dumped her and moved on. However, later that night, Bree returned to the room she shared with Nika to find Chase grabbing a quick shower. She took a picture of him and, a few weeks later, hijacked Chase's social media account by guessing his password was "password".

First, she posted the picture of Chase, but made his penis smaller than it was. Next, she posted a message to his profile that made it look like he was only interested in women that weighed over 300 pounds. She then made a charitable donation of $2,500 to Sanford Wells' favorite charity with his credit card number.

Chase ruled out the three women he had slept with, Wynn Phillips, Nika and Kenzie, as the source of the pranks. However, while working on a case, he suddenly realized that he recognized one the woman in the picture Nika showed him. He tracked her down and she admitted to being the prankster. She said she had to teach him a lesson about how he treated women. Chase asked her out, but she turned him down. She then told him the new password was "greatbigho" and advised him to change it to anything but password.

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