Bobby the Bouncer
Name Bobby the Bouncer
Occupation Strip Club Bouncer
First Appearance After Hours
Bobby the Bouncer was the bouncer at the strip club Foreman and Taub visited in the Season 7 episode After Hours.  

Taub had just found out that his girlfriend Ruby was pregnant and Foreman took him to the club to get his mind off of it.  Taub went to the VIP room to get a table dance from Dina, but instead of relaxing he saw a mole he was sure exhibited signs of being cancer.  He pointed it out and Dina thought he was breaking the no-touching rule and warned him not to do it again.  However, Taub wouldn't let it drop and Dina called over Bobby, who grabbed the much smaller Taub by the shoulders and escorted him to the exit.

Foreman finally caught up to Taub in the parking lot and found out he was still waiting for Dina to come out so he could ask her to go to a doctor to look at her mole.  Foreman warned Taub that if Bobby caught him waiting for one of the strippers, he would probably beat him up.

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