Bobby Pearson
Name Bobby Pearson
Marital Status Married to Paige Pearson
Actor Gerald McCullouch
First Appearance Last Temptation
Bobby Pearson is the father of Kendall Pearson, the patient in the Season 7 episode Last Temptation.  He is married to Paige Pearson. He was portrayed by actor Gerald McCullouch.

Bobby is very supportive of his daughter's ambition to be the youngest person to sail around the globe.

However, after she is diagnosed with bone cancer and an amputation of her left arm is recommended, he wants to go ahead with the treatment despite the fact the amputation will most likely end her competitive sailing career. However, Kendall convinces Paige that she can go without treatment until she completes her around-the-world voyage, and she refuses to support Bobby's decision.

Martha M. Masters advises Bobby that they only need the consent of one parent to do life-saving surgery, but Bobby refuses as it will tear his family apart and Kendall will most likely file court proceedings to become an emancipated minor in any event.  

However, Masters fakes symptoms in Kendall and both parents agree to the surgery. When Kendall awakes, she is angry with her parents, but they embrace her anyway.

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