Name Bobby
Marital Status Single
Actor Ralph Garman
First Appearance Transplant
Bobby was the ex-boyfriend of Vanessa, the woman awaiting a lung transplant in the Season 8 episode Transplant.  He was portrayed by actor Ralph Garman.

James Wilson went to visit Vanessa while she was waiting for word on the transplant and found her speaking to her sister Theresa about Bobby.  It was clear that they had broken up because Vanessa had quit drinking while Bobby remained an alcoholic.

However, as Vanessa's condition got worse, she started to refuse painful treatment to extend her life in order to buy time for the transplant.  Challenged by House to find some way to get Vanessa to agree, Wilson remembered that when Vanessa was refusing treatment for her cancer, Bobby was the one who convinced her to accept more chemotherapy.  He decided to call Bobby and lie to him by saying Vanessa wanted to see him.

When Bobby showed up, Vanessa was glad to see him but Theresa was angry that he had been drinking.  He went to leave when Wilson intervened and reminded Theresa that Bobby could convince Vanessa to have treatment.  She agreed to let them talk and Bobby did manage to convince Vanessa to accept further treatment.

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