Bob (father)
Name Bob
Marital Status Married to Janice
Actor Scott Paulin
First Appearance Birthmarks
Bob is the adoptive father of Nicole, the patient in the Season 5 episode Birthmarks. He is married to Janice . He was portrayed by actor Scott Paulin.

Bob and Janice had adopted Nicole when they thought they could not have children of their own.  However, shortly after adopting Nicole, Janice became pregnant and they wound up having another child as well.

When Nicole became ill upon her return from China, Bob and Janice rushed to the hospital to be with her. When discussing her alcoholism and drug use with the doctors, Bob asked if the alcohol had caused the problem.  When Foreman doubted that it had, Bob asked him to lie to Nicole and tell her the alcohol was the cause in order to try to get her to stop drinking;

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