Blood Analysis is one of the mini-games in House M.D. - Critical Cases.  It allows a player to earn budget and it offers random prizes of a chicken and Hector,  A chicken from each of two mini-games will earn a player energy, and matching up Hector with Steve McQueen earns a player a panacea.

The game consists of pointing and clicking at objects resembling red blood cellswhite blood cells and antibodies.  On the left side of the screen, one of the three appears and the player must click on a matching blood cell that appears in the playing field without clicking on either of the other two.  Each round lasts 30 seconds, but clicking on the wrong cell loses the player 1 second and re-sets the score to the lowest possible for the cell being sought.  If the player sucessfully clicks on consecutive cells in the correct order, the value of the cells continues to increase.

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