Name Bergen
Occupation Skilled Laser Surgeon
Actor John Prosky
First Appearance The Socratic Method

Dr. Bergen was the skilled laser surgeon who performed surgery on Lucy Palmeiro in the episode The Socratic Method. He was played by John Prosky.

House and his team discovered a tumor in patient Lucy Palmeiro's liver. They wanted Dr. Bergen to operate on it because he was exceptionally skilled at laser surgery. However, the tumor was larger than the surgical guidelines would allow. He had his team inject was with a solution of 95% ethanol shrinking it to the right size. Cuddy realized what he had done but did not cancel the procedure, however she did inform Dr. Bergen. The operation was a complete success however Dr. Bergen warned them that next time, he would cancel the surgery.

He was the surgeon that was supposed to perform the surgery of Jessica Simms in the episode Heavy.


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