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Beautiful Doctor (aka #19)
Personal Information


Acting Information

Jaimarie Bjorge

First Appearance

The Right Stuff


Beautiful Doctor (also known as #19) was one of the applicants for the fellowship positions in the Season 4 episode The Right Stuff.

Gregory House has packed forty doctors into the lecture hall and has promissed to pay them all until he fires them.  When Lisa Cuddy confronts him, he points out that he can reduce everyone's salary a little bit and still stay within budget.  However, Cuddy points out that he's accounted for thirty doctors and there are forty of them in the room.  He immediately cries out Row D is fired.  As they file out of the room, House spots #19 and asks if she was in Row D.  When she says she was, House says it was all a mistake and fires Row C instead.

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