Barbara Bardach
Name Barbara Bardach
Marital Status Married to Lewis Bardach
Actor Mel Harris
First Appearance Safe

Barbara Bardach is the mother of Melinda Bardach, the patient in Safe. She is married to Lewis Bardach. She was portrayed by actress Mel Harris.

Barbara is first seen when she makes Melinda's boyfriend Dan wash his hands and arms thoroughly before visiting Melinda. However, after Dan visits Melinda and she suffers anaphylactic shock, Barbara blames Dan for bringing something in.

The team soon learns Barbara is very overprotective, keeping Melinda in her own room, which has been set up as a clean room. When Foreman confronts her about it, she tells him about the events that led to Melinda's heart transplant and says she could use hints about being even more overprotective.

However, after Melinda recovers, Barbara agrees to let her go back to school.

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