Audrey Greenwald
Name Audrey Greenwald
Marital Status Married to Nick Greenwald
Occupation Charity organizer
Actor Susan Egan
First Appearance The Social Contract

Audrey Greenwald is the wife of Nick Greenwald, the patient in The Social Contract. They are the parents of Marika Greenwald. She was portrayed by actress Susan Egan.

Audrey was with Nick when he started insulting everyone. It was soon clear that Nick was unable to control what he was saying and this was traced to frontal lobe disinhibition.

Things started to get worse for the couple when Nick wondered out loud that Marika their daughter didn't have a learning disability, but was merely below average. Then Nick insulted his wife's line of work - organizing charity events. He soon realized that if he didn't get the condition under control, he would lose them.

Nick was eventually treated and when his wife told him she had been promoted, he was very glad, but his wife felt he wasn't being sincere.

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