Aubrey Shifren
Name Aubrey Shifren
Occupation Hospital General Counsel
Actor Matt Malloy
First Appearance Love Hurts

Aubrey Shifren was the hospital's General Counsel in the Season 1 episode Love Hurts. He was portrayed by actor Matt Malloy.

When House's patient Harvey Park refused treatment just before losing consciousness, House goes to Lisa Cuddy to get a court order and she calls in Shifren for advice. Shifren says that with the patient having expressed his wishes, he can only be overruled by his next of kin. House tells Shifren that Park said his parents are dead, but Shifren says that House has no proof of that. If he wanted to get a court order, he would have to provide proof that the parents were dead, such as an obituary.

However, House starts to realize that Park probably did lie about his parent's death. He and his team go searching for the parents. When someone hangs up after Allison Cameron calls them, House calls them back and tells them Harvey is dead to get them back to the hospital.

When Park's parents Clyde and Marilyn arrive, they are furious. They are estranged from their son because their community found out about Harvey's sexual proclivities. They threaten to sue the hospital and have no interest in acting as their son's medical proxy. Shifren goes to modify them, but House instead threatens to tell their entire community that they let their son die and to see if that's worse than the community finding out the son was a pervert. Clyde agrees to House's treatment plan.

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