Name Dr. Ashka
Occupation Physician
Actor Heather Fox
First Appearance The Right Stuff

Dr. Ashka, better known by her number during the fellowship competition, Number 2, is a foreign-trained doctor who was one of The Applicants for one of the three open positions. She was portrayed by actress Heather Fox.

Along with Dr. Mason and Henry Dobson, Dr. Ashka was sent to Greta Cooper's apartment to do an environmental scan. She was afraid that Dr. House was kidding, but Dr. Mason told her House meant it. She revealed to Dr. Mason that she had to repeat two years of medical school because the state medical board in New Jersey would not accept her medical degree. She appears to have an Eastern European accent, and Dr. Mason makes a joke about gymnasts, so it appears she may be from Romania or Russia (Ashka is used in both Russia and Bulgaria).

Later, she is assigned with Henry and Thirteen to do an echocardiogram on the patient. When Henry allows them to do it, Ashka thinks he is trying to pass blame on to her if the procedure goes badly. Instead, Thirteen completes the procedure. It goes without incident, but provides no useful information.

When someone rats out the patient to Lisa Cuddy, House realizes it couldn't have been Dr. Askha as, given her likely immigration status (legal, but not a citizen), she would be unlikely to admit she broke into someone's house as she could have been deported for getting caught.

At the end of The Right Stuff, Dr. Ashka was eliminated from the competition. When she protested that others in the final ten had screwed up, Dr. House reminded her that those competitors had also taken risks, where she had taken none. He told her he needed people who were willing to take risks and screw up.

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