Name Annie
Marital Status Single
Actor Maria Thayer
First Appearance Both Sides Now

Annie is the girlfriend of Scott, the patient in Both Sides Now. She was portrayed by actress Maria Thayer.

Annie first starts to notice something wrong with Scott when he can't taste how spicy his food is. He starts bleeding from his eyes soon after.

Things go amiss when she brings Scott his belongings in the hospital, including his spray deodorant. Scott's alien hand grabs the deodorant and hurls it against the wall. Scott has no idea why it happened. She goes to kiss him goodbye and the alien hand smacks her. She runs from the room but Scott can't follow because his legs have suddenly gone numb.

However, when she comes back she has an idea. She thinks the alien hand may think that the deodorant is making Scott sick. The doctors promise to look into it. The alien hand behaves differently and starts softly stroking her face. It turns out that Scott did have propylene glycol poisoning from using the deodorant in his tiny bathroom and breathing in the fumes.

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