Anne Ling
Name Anne Ling
Age 17ish
Actor Julia Ling
First Appearance Sleeping Dogs Lie

Anne Ling was the young girl in Sleeping Dogs Lie who wanted birth control pills.

Anne came to the clinic with her mother who could only speak Mandarin. Anne claimed that her mom had menstrual problems that were really bad and the pain kept her in bed all day, and that she had been really depressed. Anne also claimed that her mother had heard that birth control pills could help her.  House realized that Anne was describing PMS. However, House noted that the mothers nose was red and she had a tissue in her wristband, her problem was an upper respiratory infection, a cold. House figured out that it was really Anne that wanted the pill. He quickly took a medical history to rule out any exclusionary criteria and then gave her a prescription for both birth control pills and a decongestant for her mother and told her that she could walk into any medical clinic in New Jersey, alone to get the birth control pills next time.

Anne and her mother soon returned. Anne claimed that her mothers cold had not gone away and her breasts had gotten bigger. House realized that Anne had given her mother the birth control pills, and he was shocked because the birth control pills looked nothing like decongestants. In Mandarin, Anne told her mother that House had given her the wrong pills. To Anne's surprise, House revealed that he could speak Mandarin and told the mother that Anne was pregnant . Anne and her mother got into a fight as Anne steadfastly denied either being pregnant or even having had sex yet as House slowly backed out of the room.

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