Allan Rich

Allan Rich in 1984, courtesy Alan Light, via Wikipedia

Allan Rich
Biographical Information
Born February 8, 1926
Birthplace Bronx, NY
Gender Male
Years Active 1963-Present
Role Sidney
Season Season 7
Episode Selfish

Allan Rich (née Benjamin Norman Schultz) is a veteran American character actor, author and social activist. On House, M.D., he portrayed Sidney, the son of centenarian clinic patient Maurice in the Season 7 episode Selfish.

Rich's career was sidelined in the 1950s. Caught up in the "Red Scare", he was blacklisted and unable to work in television or film. However, he returned to the small screen in 1963 in an episode of Naked City. Since then he has compiled well over 100 credits, including featured roles in The Entity, Hill Street Blues, Equal Justice, Quiz Show, Disclosure and Judging Amy.


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