House Wiki Administrator Policy

The Wiki currently has four admins

SteveHFisyh - The Bureaucrat and Administrator

Darth Kieduss the Wise - Administrator

Oliver Kanjo - Administrator

Daves Villa - Administrator here and Founder/Bureaucrat/Administrator of the Spanish Dr. House Wiki

Please report any concerns you have to one of the administrators, such as vandalism, horribly broken pages, spam and other things that require action such as rollbacks (which only The Fish can do), full or partial bans.

As the Bureaucrat, The Fish has final say over who gets to be an administrator.

How to I get to be an Administrator?

Get yourself noticed, in a good way. Darth corrects most of the mistakes I make and cleans up the mess when Wikia makes changes that do things like take categories off of pages. Oliver is responsible for most of the episode pictures and episode rating updates. Daves is responsible for most of the pretty formatting of templates, and parts of pages that stand out. In other words, if you work hard and don't complain, you too may get to be an admin someday.

What the Admins don't do

We're not here to fix the numerous mistakes in the Wiki or listen to your complaints about it :-) All our users can freely edit the Wiki (although some pages, like the front page, are protected to registered users), so it's your job to fix errors and fill in the several hundred empty article pages.

We're also not here to keep updating the Wiki when information changes. That's the job of the users too. We get around to it when we can.

What the Amins will do

We will settle editing wars and protect pages that need it.

And as the chief Bureaucrat, the Fish not only gets to assign parking spaces, he also gets to pick who picks the Featured Article. If you get picked to choose your favorite page, you're well on your way to making Admin. All the Admins here have gotten to have their choice, and you're competing against them (but not me - right now, I only choose when the person who got to choose doesn't choose in time).

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