12-Year-Old Boy
Name 12-Year-Old Boy
Marital Status Single
Actor Connor Webb
First Appearance Airborne

12-Year-Old Boy was one of the three people House turned to as a substitute team in the Season 3 episode Airborne.  He was portrayed by actor Connor Webb.

House was trying to come up with a differential diagnosis for the sick passengers on the flight.  He saw the boy and asked him if he could say "Crikey Mate!".  The boy managed a weak Australian accent and House asked him to agree with everything he said, mimicking Robert Chase.  The boy did so as House worked through his differential, usually saying "could be".  When House started to talk through his diagnosis of fish toxin poisoning, he pointed to the boy and asked him where the toxin could have come from and he answered "Sea Bass", that night's dinner for about half the passengers.  House told Lisa Cuddy to ask for the boy's resume.  

However, although House managed to figure out that most of the passengers were just suffering from conversion disorder, his only idea for the remaining sick passenger, Peng, was that he was a drug smuggler and a packet of cocaine had burst inside his stomach.  He told his "team" that Peng needed emergency surgery.  The boy said "Cool!".

The boy, along with the rest of the team, agreed to hold down Peng while House operated.  However, as the boy tried to hold him down, he lost his grip.  House noted that when he did, Peng's pain got worse.  House started squeezing Peng's shoulder and knee and, every time he did, the pain went away, only to return when he released it.  He realized that Peng was really suffering from decompression sickness and ordered oxygen and a lower flying altitude to raise the pressure in the cabin.